Paranormal Research & Investigation Society

              Jim Sutton 
    Investigation Advisor
           Sheli Nix  
       Asst. Director
   Lead  Investigator
When things go " Bump " in the night
              Who ya gonna call?
Owner complained of hearing voices coming from his stereo When the stereo was not on! 
We identified the child ( Photo of girl on left) as his daughter that passed away at a very early age.
Infared Photo
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All photos on this web site were  taken with       
                 infrared cameras
            Harry Fisher
 Taylor Vandelinde
      Monitor Tech

           We always provide a FREE investigation up to 75 miles 
           We are a "not for profit group" but If you live father then 75 
           miles, we will refer your case to a competent group closer to you 
           or if you specifically want our assistance, we do ask for
           help with expenses, if you are able ! 
           We normally  "out of pocket" all our expenses, but our pockets 
           do not run that deep, unfortunately !!
           We are available to anyone in Eastern NC that think they 
           are having paranormal activity 

​           Call or Text Jim @ 1-252-622-7106
  ****  We DO NOT take calls from unidentified callers *****    
           Due to so many unidentified tele marketing calls_______

 VIcky Willis
Video Tech
We are NOT GHOST HUNTERS... but rather paranormal investigators with over 40 years experience investigating the paranormal. We do not go out hunting ghosts, if we do a cemetary it is usually at the request of a tourism facility. Our  mission is to help others that are having true paranormal experiences and need help, Any Investigation is held in the strictest confidence We never identify the names and addresses of those we investigate for without expressed written consent  from that individual.        *****We try to indentify the problem and if possible remove it !******
We are seeking a male or female investigator.. must be at least 21 years old ..have own available for over night out of town investigations and be drug free..must live in general area of Morehead City NC 
                                           If Interested call or text Jim at number below
                               Jasper NC Investigation