Paranormal Research & Investigation Society
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We are a team of investigators with over 40 years experience investigating all types of paranormal activity , from Hauntings to UFO sightings, enounters and abductions.
We provide a free investigative service within eastern North Carolina to all who are truly having paranormal activity.

                     Jim Sutton / Director 
                    Monitor Technician
           Sheli Nix   
    Lead Investigator
When things go " Bump " in the night
              Who ya gonna call?
Owner complained of hearing voices coming from his stereo When the stereo was not on! 
We identified the child ( Photo of girl on left) as his daughter that passed away at a very early age.
Infared Photo
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All photos on this web site were  taken with       
                 infrared cameras
We are NOT GHOST HUNTERS... but rather paranormal investigators. We do not go out hunting ghosts, if we do a cemetary it is usually at the request of a tourism facility. Our  mission is to help others that are having true paranormal experiences and do not know who to turn to for help. Any Investigation is held in the strictest confidence We never identify the names and addresses of those we investigate for without expressed written consent  from that individual.
            Harry Fisher
 Taylor Vandelinde
                If any team or person tries to charge you for an investigation..
                                             Kick them to the curb            
           No team worth its salt EVER charges for an investigation
   Be Wary Of any Group Claiming to do thousands of Investigations 
                      a year there is ONLY 365 days in a year
                   Team Members
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  If you are experiencing Paranormal Activity 
                    Call Jim  @ 
   1-252-646-5214 or 1-252-648-8005
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